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The Three Fund Portfolio: A Book Review

This post contains affiliate links. Please refer to my disclosure statement– thank you! When it comes to investing, the simpler, the better. Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, repeated this message over and over again throughout his long career in investing. This message had particularly resonated with a man by the name of Taylor Larimore.…

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Investing: Should You Use a Roboadvisor?

Ever wish you could get started with investing, but you felt like you needed a financial advisor to help you figure it all out? Thanks to technology, people are turning less to human advisors and relying more on roboadvisors. In order to understand how roboadvisors fit into the picture, it’s important to look at the…

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Use Automation To Make Your Financial Life Easier

Want a really easy way to get better at money? Pay off debt? Save money? Build wealth? AUTOMATE! It turns out that the best way to accomplish these goals is to sidestep human nature. Our brains aren’t wired to prepare for events far off in the future because we have more pressing concerns in the…

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Pay Off Debt Or Invest? The 9 Step Priority List

Should I pay down debt or invest? If you happened to win the Mega Millions, then the answer would be pretty easy. The first thing people typically want to do is to pay off all debt. Then in no particular order, they spend, donate, and invest. But of course, we are not Mega Millions lottery…

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Women and Money: Avoiding "Money Stuff" and How We Can Do Better

I’m not one to go on huge shopping sprees, but if there’s something I need to buy, you’d better be sure that I’m looking for some deals. For many years, this was my definition of being good with money. Make intentional purchases, and make sure you’re not paying full price. How about buying mutual funds,…

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Jack Bogle, Vanguard, and a Legacy

Jack who? That would have been my reaction not too long ago. I had almost zero knowledge about investing. Wall Street and the stock market seemed like they belonged in a world that did not intersect with my own. Sure, I had some money in a retirement account and a taxable account, but I certainly…

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