Financial Health Check for Veterinarians

60-minute consultation


What to Expect:

Discuss Your Financial Goals

Paying off debt? Trying to save more money? Don't know where to start with budgeting?  Let's clear away some of this "clutter" so that you can get more focused about what you want to achieve!

Review Your Budget

This is a "no-judgement" zone! Whether you have a beautiful spreadsheet or no budget at all (you will be filling out a basic budget before our call), let's take a look together and see how we can make the numbers fit your goals.

Personalized Advice

You will receive a written summary that includes the highlights from our consult. It will also include personalized, actionable advice that will move you in the right financial direction.

The Financial Health Check is a GREAT fit for you if:

  • You’re unsure about the next step to take with your finances
  • You’re stuck in “analysis paralysis”
  • There is one specific area of your finances that you would like to focus on
  • You’re looking for a financial professional who values compassion and empathy in addition to looking at the numbers
  • You appreciate the advice of a veterinarian colleague who is passionate about financial coaching!
  • (Additional coaching available for Financial Health Check clients needing longer term support)

What Veterinarians Are Saying:

"I reached out to Grace because I had put off financial planning for long enough. When it comes to money, it's very important for me to feel like I am talking to someone who is trust-worthy and genuine, and thankfully Grace fit that bill.  After our conversation she sent me notes, which were fantastic to refer back to when I inevitably forgot the specifics of what we had talked about.  I would definitely recommend Grace for anyone who is looking for personal and down-to-earth guidance on their finances.”

"Grace is both knowledgeable and personable! On our initial call, I feel like she really got to know me and my situation so that she could adequately advise me. She was a great listener, and identified the things that could help me best and helped me think of new things I had not considered."

Dr. Grace Kim was very thorough and insightful. She was sensitive to my financial needs and desires, and understanding of my limitations and hesitations regarding investments. It was awesome having someone experienced in finances tell me I was doing a good job and recommend some adjustments I did not even think about! She was simply great and the experience was very positive, highly recommended if you need some clarity around your finances or just want validation on your established budget. Thanks, Dr. Kim!

Your Investment:

$299 for a 1 hour consultation

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