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Vet Success Stories

Vet Success Stories: 100% Debt Free, Including the Mortgage!

This USDA veterinarian (who wishes to remain anonymous), resides in the Midwest with her husband and children. She also works as a part time associate veterinarian. She wanted to share her story of becoming completely debt-free, including her mortgage!  1.Give us a little of your background and how you got started in veterinary medicine. After…

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Vet Success Stories: Cindy Trice, DVM (Founder of Relief Rover)

I’m excited to introduce Cindy Trice, DVM. She is the founder of Relief Rover (, a service that connects veterinary practices with relief veterinarians. She lives with her husband, Jimmy, their two dogs (Eddie and Richie), and their cat Sabina in Florida. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, paddle boarding, scuba diving, and running.…

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