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Money And Wellness

Work-Life Balance Is Not Enough: Focusing on the Bigger Picture

The ever-elusive work-life balance….how does one achieve this? Perhaps the problem is that we have a pretty clear understanding of what constitutes the “work” part, but how exactly do you define the “life” part of this equation? Did we ever feel “life” balance before work entered the picture? One important component of life is your…

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Suicide Awareness In The Veterinary Profession

**This blog post originally posted in 2018. NPR recently aired a story focusing on this topic within the veterinary community- you can read and listen to it here.** SUICIDE This is a subject that is, unfortunately, not a stranger to the field of veterinary medicine. With the increasing emphasis on mental wellbeing, we are now…

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Say NO to Negative Money Talk

Saying the word “money” can cause all sorts of mixed emotions.  Feelings of euphoria? Dread? Fear? Curiosity?  Unfortunately, the subject of money and personal finance can bring up a lot of negative money talk. This is especially true if you find yourself in a financially tough space, or if you start reflecting back on some…

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Creating Big Change With Financial Education

Remember when money was fun and uncomplicated? As a child, you might have received some money for your birthday or during the holidays. You didn’t quite know the power that you held in your little hands, but you knew it was there by the way people reacted when you proudly displayed those crisp bills. Maybe…

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STAT Mode Vs. Preventive Money Mode: Which One Are You?

Practicing veterinary medicine feels a lot like you’re playing defense. The patient comes in with a problem. You use your skills to diagnose and treat the problem while taking into account the owner’s finances, owner compliance, and patient compliance. With each step, you are constantly vigilant, ready to respond to forces outside your control. When…

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Marie Kondo and Your Finances

Simplicity. This is what I strive for, with my everyday life and my choices. So back in 2014, when this little book with a long name called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo became all the rage , I decided to leaf through the pages…

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