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Veterinarians and Life Planning: Getting Your Priorities Straight

There is one point that I tend to hammer home over and over again: personal finance is more than just the numbers.  Focusing on the numbers alone is not guaranteed to motivate someone to change their money story. The central question to ask yourself is “Why?” What is it about your current situation that makes…

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Use Automation To Make Your Financial Life Easier

Want a really easy way to get better at money? Pay off debt? Save money? Build wealth? AUTOMATE! It turns out that the best way to accomplish these goals is to sidestep human nature. Our brains aren’t wired to prepare for events far off in the future because we have more pressing concerns in the…

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Calculating Your Retirement Number

OK, hopefully I’ve convinced you by now that you may need to prioritize retirement savings.  But how much will you actually need? One method is to multiply your current income by a factor of 10.  For someone with an income of $100,000, this equates to $1 million needed to retire.  However, this number can change…

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Why I Want You To Start Thinking About Retirement

For those that are young (or young at heart), retirement seems like a completely far off destination.  It conjures up images of white haired folks who golf.  Or, for those that maybe have a less rosy vision of retirement, it conjures up images of the elderly who have constant health issues.  Either way, it’s an…

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