My Story

My name is Grace Kim, DVM, AFC® Candidate, and I’m a financial coach and educator for early to mid-career professionals who KNOW that they need to get their finances on track, but don’t know where to start.

I help them take control of their hard-earned money without feeling overwhelmed in the process.



Learning how to manage my money was a struggle.


As a second generation Korean-American who graduated from veterinary school with six-figure student loan debt and virtually NO foundation of financial literacy or knowledge....well, it's not surprising to learn that figuring out my finances was challenging!

The turning point came when I had decided to take a career pause and stay home full time with my three young children. Our financial life felt like a constant stream of expenses going out.

Where was all of the money going? Was this sustainable? Were we on track for retirement? Were we being responsible with our hard-earned money?






I finally decided that enough was enough! I didn’t want to spend any more time guessing and wondering. It was time to get serious and start taking ACTION!

Much to my surprise, I became obsessed about personal finance! And before I knew it, I founded Richer Life DVM as a platform to educate and encourage others as they chart their own roadmap towards financial well-being, clarity, and confidence.



What also lights me up is addressing a deeper mission.

At a time when gender and racial wealth gaps continue to persist, we cannot afford to keep the status quo. Your financial well-being not only benefits you, but in turn, it benefits your community and society at large.

It’s time to rise up and take ownership of your finances so that you can live a richer, fuller life. A life where you feel financially secure. Financially confident. Financially empowered.

You want to lead a life where money is no longer a source of stress, but a source of opportunity that allows you to achieve your goals and your big, beautiful dreams.

The time to start is NOW, and I will be here to help you navigate this process!


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