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Financial Advice

Veterinarians and Life Planning: Getting Your Priorities Straight

There is one point that I tend to hammer home over and over again: personal finance is more than just the numbers.  Focusing on the numbers alone is not guaranteed to motivate someone to change their money story. The central question to ask yourself is “Why?” What is it about your current situation that makes…

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Seeking Financial Advice Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed the first step before hiring a financial advisor: Dig deep and understand WHY you’re hiring them. Sounds so simple, but you would be surprised how often people choose financial advice without understanding how the industry really works. If you’re not clear about your own goals, you may find yourself wasting…

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Seeking Financial Advice Part 1

I went through much of my young adult life blissfully unaware about personal finance. Even after graduating from veterinary school with six figure loans, I did not feel the urge to seek out advice about my finances. Marriage, another major milestone, still did not move me to be smart about my money. However, there did…

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Rethink Your Financial Advisor

“Don’t you think we should have a financial advisor?” This was a question I asked my husband several years back.  I was managing the day to day finances, and I was starting to feel that maybe we should have a professional look over what we were doing just to make sure we were on the…

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