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The One Smart Money Move That New DVM Grads Can Start Today

As a new veterinary graduate starting your career, life can be overwhelming. You have just spent four intense years of your life preparing for this moment, not to mention all of those years of education and experience to get you into vet school. You are more than ready to finally practice as a full-fledged DVM.…

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STAT Mode Vs. Preventive Money Mode: Which One Are You?

Practicing veterinary medicine feels a lot like you’re playing defense. The patient comes in with a problem. You use your skills to diagnose and treat the problem while taking into account the owner’s finances, owner compliance, and patient compliance. With each step, you are constantly vigilant, ready to respond to forces outside your control. When…

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The 20% Budget Rule: Part 3

Here we go: part 3 in the trilogy of the 20% budget rule. Catch Part 1 and Part 2 here if you haven’t done so already. By the way, I have no idea how I stretched this idea out to 3 posts. I guess it’s because I had a lot to say about it. If…

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